Spindrift: Why I Like Watching Other People Play Video Games

If you haven’t heard, Jimmy Kimmel posted a YouTube video making fun of gamers who watch other people play video games. The video was their most disliked of all time on YouTube and a couple of days later he posted another video reading some of the comments that were left. Of course he only read the angry, misspelled comments, rather than the well thought-out ones.

Honestly, the whole thing isn’t that big of a deal but I wanted to clear the water for some people on why gamers like to watch other gamers play video games.

One of the main reasons would be that we like to watch people who are very skilled at video games, the same reason that you might watch sports. Just like you want to watch top-notch basketball players score extremely high in their games we like to watch gamers get high scores too.

Another reason may be that you want to watch some gameplay of the game before buying it. Let’s say there are two videogames coming out but you can only afford to buy one. If you watch other people play the games you’ll get a better idea witch one you want. It’s also completely free to watch YouTube and streaming on twitch or YouTube gaming.

What I see to be the most important reason though, is that you like the gamer’s personality. Maybe you can relate to the person or you just find them very interesting. It’s fun to watch gamers and talk with the community about your opinions and be in chatrooms with hundreds to thousands of people with the same passions as you.

There are many more reasons why people may choose to watch other people play video games but these were the ones that stand out to me. If you like watching other people play videogames tell me why and who you like watching in the comments.

Thanks for reading.