State of the Site OR Another Deadline Missed

I heard the cries…

‘Please, for the love of all that is geeky, no more of your awful, self-serving fiction.’

Yes, I heard your cries and can’t help but agree. It’s not fair to submit fiction in place of a real article when I can put a perfectly good article making excuses as to why I missed a deadline with a real article.

Well, this isn’t that, really.

Actually, I just wanted to talk about how far we have come in such a short time and some exciting things that are coming up.

Readership has steadily grown in the two-and-a-half months since the launch of this site. This tells us that we are doing something right, but it also means that you amazingly awesome readers are spreading the word and telling people about what we do. I speak for everyone here at Doc Palindrome when I say thank you.

We have added a number of columnists to our original lineup and I want to go over everyone:

Jesse Edmond. That’s me. I write all over the place and I seem to have riled up a few folks with my whole Spider-Man deal. When I miss deadlines, I cover for it by writing about how great everyone else is doing. No one is fooled.

Robert Goldshaw. The cantankerous scamp whose insight into the weekly events is always new, different, controversial, and fun. More on him, later.

Jordan Spencer. Originally writing as ‘Brent Thomas,’ Jordan is the youth and vigor of this site. His point of view brings us a perspective from those who are developing a geekly perspective. Few things are more exciting than seeing what he brings to the table, every week.

Howard Edmond. My pop and a unique character, in and of himself, his perspective as an elder statesman of geek culture and a hippie icon offers something amazing with every article. The lizard people are officially on notice.

Ty Hartigan. Our fantasy football guy who is responsible for teaching me more about fantasy football than anyone ever, ever. Ty’s perspective and commentary is a valuable addition to adding diversity to the content, here at Doc Palindrome.

Alize Edeline. A long-time friend, her voice as the geeky parent raising a geeky child in a pro-geek world is fantastically engaging and the quality of her writing is spectacular, leaving less work for my editor.

Speaking of which, this site’s editor-in-chief deserves a special thank you for taking on such a huge role in developing this community and then being perfectly happy with all the little screw-ups to which she has been subjected. It’s the level of belief she has in what we are doing; and the level of belief of everyone with whom we are working; that allow me to comfortable building this thing.

Bob Goldshaw, however, has found himself with additional levels of responsibility and the time is nearing where his contributions may begin to peter off. Despite his general rancor for me, I cannot possibly express enough my gratitude for the hard work he has given us, week in and week out. Still, I would not expect that such a laureled journalist as Mr. Goldshaw would be long for a developing geeky website. While he hasn’t officially told me that he will no longer be contributing, I hope he realizes that we all understand that he is on to bigger and better things. Good luck on that Pulitzer, sir.

I would like to formally announce a new writer, who goes by Resnik, will be adding to the mix starting this Monday. As we are hoping to continue to bring regular content every day of the week, Resnik’s addition to the varied voices will be a welcome one. I know you will enjoy reading his submissions as much as I have.

We have a lot more exciting things coming up, but I have to save something for when I miss a deadline next month. I can’t wait to see the reaction to my article next week and I can’t wait to hear from you all.

Until next time:

Be creative! Make a thing!