Dawn of the Proto-Nerd: Project London/Hunter Prey

I have just finished watching the most FUN movie I have seen in a long while, titled Project London. This is a fan made movie, with CG effects done by various fans using a free 3D program called Blender. The only place you can view it at the moment is on YouTube, it hasn’t been released yet through any of the usual channels, Sci-Fi channel this is better than…well, better than anything else you show—Wake Up!

Nalardian refugees have combined with the government of Earth, sharing their technology to form a fascist government called, Joint Command. Nebraska Higgins’ father Arizona is murdered…putting him, as half Nalardian in the eyesights of the rebel underground. A gas masked Nalardian named ‘Jerry’, A blue haired female warrior Xing Xing Fix and brilliant Benin Belabora strive to protect Nebraska from the authorities, while trying to convince him to join their forces. A group his father had been a leader and guiding force of.

But something destructive and unstoppable is headed toward Earth and only Nebraska can stop it. These words hardly do this independent gem justice. The brilliant repartee between the rebels and Nebraska kept me smiling through-out the film. As I write this I realize words don’t do Project London justice! There is a creative spirit that is woven through this movie like golden threads. Every time Jerry appears the joke gets funnier and funnier. And I was mesmerized by Xing Xing, for the first time in my life I was hoping to meet a girl with blue hair!

The special effects are unique and surprising, at first look they seemed a little cheesy, but soon I was wishing I could have one of those crazy ships. I may be late in singing the praises of this, almost, no budget film, but if you haven’t seen it and I convince even one person to watch it, well it’s worth being a johnny-come-lately!

And while we are talking about inexpensive sci-fi that is awesome, let’s mention Hunter Preynot to be confused with Hunter, Prey. 2010’s Hunter Prey is the story of a group of commandos crash land on a planet, with a dangerous prisoner who escapes. The prisoner is the last of his species and has knowledge of a weapon that could destroy the Sedonian’s planet. They need to capture him alive and a cat and mouse game ensues under extreme conditions.

Shot in the Mexican desert in only 18 days, this film is another science fiction treasure. A simple story with complex emotional under pinnings, this film engages the viewer almost instantly, and constantly confounds our expectations. It is basically two actors for most of the movie and the computer, voiced by Erin Grey, yet it harkened back to the sci-fi stories I read in the mid 1960’s.

I wish I could find more movies like these two—films that don’t rely on special effects, big name actors, and threadbare rehashed story lines. can you say ‘Jurassic World!’ Do yourself a favor and check these two out, you’ll be glad you did.