Spindrift: Tomorrowland and Planet Hulk

Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Film Frame..?Disney 2015

I had the chance to see Tomorrowland this week and I’d love to share my opinions on it. First of all, Tomorrowland was directed by Brad Bird, who directed The Incredibles (which is probably my favorite animated film of all time) along with Iron Giant and other movies.

The first good thing I’ll say about Tomorrowland is that the trailers kept much of the movie hidden, which is something you can’t say about most movies recently. This may have caused less people to flock to the theatres to see it but it was probably a good decision.

Tomorrowland is obviously trying to send a message to its audience, and I’d say it does a good job. Many reviews I’ve seen have complained about the constant reminder of the message of the story, but this isn’t the kind of movie like Mad Max, which is intended to be an action movie.

All of the performances in Tomorrowland were impressive, including the child actors, who were exceptional. Even George Clooney, who could have given a poor performance due to his already abundant fame, did a very good job. The movie’s villain could have been improved, but the other characters make up for it.

Another good thing about Tomorrowland is the fact that it is a completely original movie made in a time when reboots are commonplace. Not that all reboots are bad, but it is nice to see something fresh put onto the playing field. The movie is intended for a young audience, but it’s still accessible to adults. It sends a message that everyone needs to hear and take some time to think about.

Tomorrowland, like every other movie, has its faults. Brad Bird may have tried to put a few to many ideas into the film, which causes a bit of a cluttered feel. Some things should have been cut down to allow room to focus on others. Also, like I mentioned earlier, there could have been a more impactful villain with a bit of tweaking. Overall though, I enjoyed Tomorrowland, and if it interests you I would recommend it.

If you read my very first article you may remember me mentioning Planet Hulk. Planet Hulk was one of, if not the first, comic book I ever read. I loved it because it combined two of my favorite things: gladiators and superheroes. Since then, I’ve always wanted a live action Planet Hulk movie. Now that we have the MCU, this could become a reality.

With Civil War upcoming, Marvel has an opportunity to send Hulk into space. Not only would this be awesome for fans, but it would make a much different Marvel movie than we’ve ever seen. Because of Guardians of the Galaxy we already know how great Marvel movies in space can be, so why not launch Hulk up there? It could lead to so many new opportunities and make the Hulk more than just the brute of the Avengers. With all of the risks that Marvel has taken so far, why not go for this one?

Hulk could definitely use another standalone movie, and what better opportunity could there be?

More characters could be introduced, like Beta Ray Bill. Even though the budget for Planet Hulk would be huge, I’m sure more than a couple of people would go to the theatre to watch Hulk “duke it out” with a bunch of space monsters in an intergalactic gladiator arena. You could even have Hulk run into some of our favorite space travelers The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound awesome.

As always, thanks for reading.