Things I Thought Were Cool Last Week – 5.25.2014

So, you may have noticed that we seem to have not had a column from Robert Goldshaw, this week, and this has led to some speculation that Bob has taken some issue with the current state of things on this site regarding the comments between the management team and myself on Saturday. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Bob had a family obligation and was unable to offer his contribution, this week. I wanted to be certain to offer something, but I knew it would be late because I’ve been finishing Part 3 of my Captain Marvel article to attempt to not inflict original fiction upon you dear readers, once more.

So, what follows are some things I enjoyed from the last week:

1. The Marvel Unlimited app has been one of the best deals around since I first signed up. Alongside the recent addition of nearly every Star Wars comic from both Marvel and Dark Horse, they have also added a ton of 1970s and 1980s stuff, including (my favorite) Marvel Two-In-One starring the Thing! I’ve been re-reading the 1980s Uncanny X-Men comics, lately which show an amazing level of storytelling and foresight, which was unusual for that era.

2. The Flash has it’s season finale and what a finale! I have never been satisfied with cliff-hangers, but this was easily the best cliff-hanger I’ve ever seen. With Legends of Tomorrow premiering next season and Arrow (which I’ve found lackluster, at best) entering a third season, DC TV seems to be on a roll!

3. Mad Max: Fury Road was, quite simply, a work of art from beginning to end. However, I’ve seen Bob’s point about lack of dialogue come up a number of times. I feel that there are people who don’t seem to think an actor is working when they are not speaking. From my experience with acting, both in films and on the stage, the hardest and most powerful thing an actor can do is not speak. George Miller has always embraced this concept and built a stunning franchise off of it.

4. WWE’s NXT developmental has dramatically changed the landscape of sports entertainment and WWE has started to pay attention. With Triple H’s dedication and direction, the tiny sub-promotion has been enjoying more engaging storylines, better athleticism, and vastly superior ring psychology over the mainstream product. I would not be surprised if we were to see a change in how wrestling is viewed on par with the mid-1990s explosion. I can expect that names like Finn Bálor, Baron Corbin, or Kevin Owens go down in history like those of Hulk Hogan, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and The Rock.

Well, that’s all, for today. Tune in next week for Bob’s regular, excellent column.

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