State of the Site, One Month In

We launched on April 20th; a little over one month ago and we are happy to report that Doc has successfully grown rapidly over the course of the last month.

Most of our contributors have been doing an excellent job of producing quality content  on a regular basis and, with the addition of our newest staff member, an Editor-in-Cheif, we are certain that both the consistency and the quality of the content will continue to rise.

Of course, we would be remiss not to mention, specifically, the continuing contribution of one Mr. Robert Goldshaw, ESQ. Mr. Goldshaw’s contribution to this site have been instrumental in the overall growth and his willingness to produce engaging and original editorials on pop culture have been invaluable.

Sadly, Mr. Jesse Edmond, who seems to stake claim in having developed this site, altogether, has not been as consistent; even going so far as to have published several short stories from his vast collection of failures and extremely rough drafts. It is unfortunate that we have yet to find a reason to void Mr. Edmond’s extensive contract, but we feel confident that there will come a time where we can do so.

It has also come to our attention that one of Mr. Edmond’s cohorts, Mr. Brent Thomas, has taken it upon himself to “call out” Mr. Goldshaw in regards to his opinion of a film entitled Mad Max: Fury Road. Frankly, we found Mr. Thomas’ relentless and cruel attack to be in very poor taste and, of course, decided to look into the matter.

To our horror, we discovered that “Brent Thomas” was not this writer’s name. Due to the fact that he is a minor, Mr. Edmond had chosen to present him under a pseudonym so as to be certain not to cause any sort of legal strife. However, while we will not question his legal standing, we have to question Mr. Edmond’s moral fiber for having deceived the public and us, in this matter.

For the record, “Brent Thomas'” real name is Jordan Spencer and he is, at this time, 15 years of age. Mr. Edmond had taken Mr. Spencer on as a protege, believing that his style of writing was worth sharing with young writers. As of now, Mr. Spencer will be unable to operate as a contributor without his parents’ written permission.

Clearly this is a situation that cannot continue. We have levied sever fines against Mr. Edmond and, should such behavior continue, he will risk being censured or, in fact, removed from this site altogether. We will not tolerate immoral behavior in any way, shape, or form nor will we tolerate heartless attacks on noble journalists such as Mr. Goldshaw by some disgruntled youth.

It saddens us to have to act in such a way, but one must punish those who have done wrong. As we look to the future; adding several capable contributors, one of whom will be published this coming week; we hope to put this nastiness behind us, permanently.

– The Management