We DO NOT Apologize for the Delay

As many of you know, Mr. Jesse Edmond endeavors to be the driving, creative force behind docpalindrome.com. As such, we have entrusted him with continuing to develop content and ensure that the content produced by others was of the highest quality. This is something he has continued to do within reasonable degrees of failure, since the “soft launch” of this site, several weeks ago.

However, this week, Mr. Edmond has failed on a level that is unacceptable. His treatment of Mr. Goldshaw, Mr. Thomas, and the Senior Mr. Edmond has been completely untenable. Extreme tardiness on the posting of articles shall not be tolerated.

As a result, Mr. Edmond is currently recovering from the flogging and hoping that the nerve damage is only temporary.

Stay tuned, Monday, for another fine article from Mr. Robert Goldshaw and hope, for the sake of Mr. Jesse Edmond, you see an article from him on Wednesday.


– The Management